What is Turkishaholic?

Welcome to Turkishaholic, the best place to learn Turkish online! If you’re looking for a reliable and authoritative website on learning Turkish online, then look no further.

Our website is relatively new (about 2 years old) so when you search for the terms “learn Turkish” or “Turkish lesson”, you might not have seen our website on the results. The reason for this is because Turkishaholic is both new and (unfortunately) we don’t have a marketing budget exceeding millions of dollars. We can’t compete with international multi-million dollar companies teaching hundreds of languages online. But we have something that they don’t and will never have. I’ll explain the difference between Turkishaholic and this website in just a moment!

I will talk about the following topics. Click the links to jump to a topic:

How was Turkishaholic born?

Why Choose Turkishaholic?

Learn Turkish With Turkishaholic

Free Turkish Learning Materials

Premium Turkish Learning Materials

Intermediate Turkish Course

Turkish Vocabulary Exercises

Turkish Grammar Exercises

Turkish Learning Resources

Turkishaholic Premium Membership

How was Turkishaholic born?

First of all, I would like to welcome you to Turkishaholic. I’m Gökberk, the founder of Turkishaholic and a professional Turkish teacher (below is my picture). I wrote more about myself on the About page.

Gokberk Talu - Turkishaholic
Gokberk Talu – Founder of Turkishaholic

I’m originally a professional English teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. Since 2015, I’ve been also teaching Turkish to foreigners and my students seem to love my lessons and (maybe) my personality! 🙂 

Here are some lovely testimonials that my students have written about me (lots more available):


Gökberk is an excellent teacher! I know almost no Turkish when we started. He has systematically helped me understand the basics. Now we’re making sentences after just a few short lessons. Looking forward to our upcoming classes!

Kyle M.

Gökberk is an excellent teacher. He knows Turkish grammar in and out. Even though he’s a native speaker and has no need to know terms like ‘relative clauses’ or ‘personal endings’, he could explain them using examples you already know from English. I work through a textbook with him (found in the public domain) and he happily follows through. The best thing is how he asks follow questions spontaneously, such as ‘ok similarly, how would you say this in Turkish’ or ‘how would you translate this sentence’. It worked so well that usually in the last 10 min of the lessons, Gökberk would just give me sentences to translate, on a given grammar theme. E.g. we did relative clauses like ‘ziyaret edeceği yeri dün gördüm’ -> Yesterday I saw the place she/he will visit. We did about 7 of those. No hesitation in recommending him!

Brian M.

I had already tried Gökberk for Turkish private classes (and still continue lessons with him), and he is the best teacher I ever had! Then I got to know his site Turkishaholic, tried Premium membership and my impression of him was completely confirmed. The site is so well structured, with clear and detailed sections about all features of Turkish grammar, in a very systematic and comprehensive way, in addition to numerous exercises with solutions, many reading and listening practice, as well as cultural information, blog and interactive opportunities to discuss … In sum, The PERFECT way to learn Turkish and to appreciate its rich cultural heritage. I recommend 100%!

Carlotta V.

I have had many private lessons with Gokberk and I have been a premium member of the Turkishaholic website. I still find out new things it has to offer and I’m glad I upgraded my membership early on. Gökberk’s hard work on updating the content keeps me busy, curious and creative; that’s a great gift from a professor to his students.

Vasiliki S.

Gökberk is the all-understanding god of Turkish grammar and syntax. He really knows what he’s talking about. Highly recommend this teacher!

Zach D.

While I was teaching Turkish online, I noticed that there weren’t any good websites for people to find high-quality Turkish learning materials like video lessons, downloadable pdf study sheets, different reading or listening materials or exercises. So I thought to myself Gokberk, you seem to be a good teacher and unlike most native Turkish teachers who don’t know how to explain Turkish to an English speaker, you can already teach both English and Turkish. Then I said to myself (again) I’m going to make a website that will have everything they’ll need to learn Turkish, I don’t want my students to be fed up with searching for materials around the internet.

After thinking about how I’ll realize this dream and brainstorming for about 5-6 months, Turkishaholic was born! This was way back at the beginning of 2018, Turkishaholic has come a long way since that. There are many more struggles I had like trying to understand Premiere Pro, buying camera and mic equipment, paying for hosting, and studying WordPress to learn how to make an LMS website, but that’s for another day. For now, let’s talk about why you should choose Turkishaholic over other platforms.

Why Choose Turkishaholic?

If you didn’t skip directly to this part, I appreciate your patience and won’t make you wait any longer. You must have done some research on the web and before Turkishaholic probably found websites like DuoLingo, Mondly, TurkishClass101, and Yunus Emre Institute (and many more clones like them). Now, those websites might be good for learning certain structures and words but I don’t find them sufficient for learning Turkish.

First of all, unless you are taught the basics of a language from the ground up and later supported with proper exercises, practice, and personal feedback from a teacher, you won’t be able to master any language. For example, none of the websites I just mentioned earlier have an actual Turkish grammar course explaining the basics of Turkish. Yes, some of them have exercises teaching you simple sentences and making you repeat them over and over again, but that’s hardly enough to reach fluency. So, what does Turkishaholic offer in exchange?

For starters, I already have a completely free Turkish grammar course named Speaking Turkish in 30 Days. This is a general Turkish grammar course made for people to slowly understand the basics of Turkish or review what they learned way back. This is a 3-hour course I made when I first started Turkishaholic and almost 100% of the people who took it gave positive feedback.

Don't believe my words? Read what my students have said (lots more available):

Very clear presentation and clear examples. The use of tables to explain the rules helps a lot in memorizing them.


I studied Turkish ten years ago when I was an exchange student in Istanbul. I am still figuring out what level I am at now. This course is helping me to assess what level I should be studying.

Rebekah K.

Excellent course, with clear explanations and clean white board. It is a great way to start with Turkish. Thanks so much for your generosity, Turkishaholic ;).

Beatriz G.

Course material is very useful and helped me understand Turkish language better, lecturer was very clear voice and pronunciation was clear too I will need to do more exercise on my own now.

Saleh S.

I think it’s a very good website for those who want to speak other languages…and I really love this website

Kamalpreet kour

Apart from this video course, I’ve also made vocabulary lessons and many other Turkish learning videos. I’ve made content for both beginners and intermediate-level learners. Let me talk a little about the content that I have on the website.

Learn Turkish With Turkishaholic

At Turkishaholic, we have two types of membership; Basic and Premium.

The content for Basic membership is open to everyone free of charge. About 40% of the website is filled with free Turkish learning materials. As you might have guessed, I have to make a living so I made some of the content available only to Premium members. I already put a lot of care into the quality of the material I put on Turkishaholic but I put even more care into the Premium content of the website.

Now, you don’t have to become a Premium member just to learn Turkish with us. There is much free content on the website for you to learn Turkish from. But Premium members have more choices to choose from and I regularly add more Premium content.

Let me talk about the differences between Basic and Premium membership content.

Free Turkish Learning Materials

Our main free Turkish grammar course is the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days video course. It is a completely free and general Turkish course for both Beginner and Intermediate level learners will help you reach full Intermediate level Turkish proficiency in a relatively short amount of time. This is the first Turkish course I made for Turkishaholic, so it may be a little outdated, but the content inside is still valuable and relevant.

The Turkish Vocabulary section is completely free. All the Turkish vocabulary lessons are categorized according to their grammar topic. All the vocabulary you’ll learn also has example sentences in each lesson, but you shouldn’t focus on the sentence examples unless you understand a certain degree of Turkish. You can still do listening practice to improve your Listening Comprehension if you want.

Once you’ve started making basic sentences, you should watch the Conversations lessons in the Resources section. These are audio recordings of Turkish dialogues. All lessons come in three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson has dialogues about a different context. For example, in the first lesson, I teach you how to Introduce Yourself in Turkish. Try listening, imitating, and later doing your version of the dialogue. This will be really good practice for you.

In the Resources section, there two other sections that are partially open to Basic members; Articles and Sentences. The Articles section features Turkish articles with English translations and audio transcriptions. This section is suited more for intermediate and above Turkish learners. The Sentences section has a total of 14 lessons with each lesson featuring 50 example sentences. Basic users get access to the first four lessons. These are example sentences starting from basic phrases and grammar and going until intermediate level Turkish. This is a new section I’ve made and I believe it will be valuable content for you.

So, that is all we have available for Basic users. I try to add more free content from time to time but I prioritize Premium content more than the free content. You’ll know why in a moment.

Premium Turkish Learning Materials

Once you become a Premium member, you get access to so much more content than Basic users. I won’t go into too much detail but broadly talk about the content available for Premium members.

Before you start learning Turkish with us, we first need to know your level. If you’re completely new to Turkish or have some prior knowledge of the language, we recommend that you start with the Introduction to Turkish video course.

If you’re wondering what the difference between Introduction to Turkish and Speaking Turkish in 30 Days is, let me briefly explain:

Introduction to Turkish is a zero-beginner-friendly course, which means it was made specifically for people who don’t know any Turkish. The “Speaking Turkish in 30 Days” free course, is a general Turkish video course, it was not made with only beginner learners in mind.

The lesson content goes from easy to intermediate in an orderly fashion. You should follow the order of the course curriculum and not skip any lessons to fully benefit the course.

There are lots of sentence examples for each grammar point and there are also example dialogues at the end of each big grammar lesson.

Each grammar topic has its practice exercise in the Exercise section, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Intermediate Turkish Course

If you know the grammar topics covered in the Introduction to Turkish video course and want to challenge yourself, then you should check out our Intermediate Turkish video course. When you finish “Introduction to Turkish” you’ll be reaching Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate level Turkish, that’s why the “Intermediate Turkish” course will be the perfect continuation course.

Let me also briefly explain the Intermediate Turkish course:

As I just mentioned, the topics covered in this video course are suitable for intermediate and above-level learners. If you have trouble understanding the grammar in this course, please go back and review the “Introduction to Turkish” course.

Similar to our earlier course, the lessons in the “Intermediate Turkish” course also go from intermediate to upper-intermediate in an orderly fashion. Please follow the course curriculum order and don’t skip any lessons.

Each lesson has many example sentences using the grammar point taught in that lesson. Be sure to do writing and speaking practice in our community forums, so I can check your examples.

There are grammar exercises for each grammar topic taught in the course. Should you need to practice your grammar, head to the Exercise section.

Turkish Vocabulary Exercises

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate-level Turkish learner, you still need to learn new Turkish words to help you make better sentences. Just like what I mentioned for Basic users, you’ll need to watch all our Turkish Vocabulary lessons to further increase your vocabulary. One thing that Premium users can do in addition to watching the lesson is to do various exercises.

Currently, there are four types of exercises you can do for each vocabulary lesson:

First, check out the Flash Cards exercises to check if you remember your newly learned vocabulary. Do some reviewing of the vocabulary and listen to how the words are pronounced.

Once you reviewed the words, check the Speak The Words exercises. This is a Speaking exercise and it’s a unique exercise, you won’t see many Turkish learning platforms with Speaking exercises. You will see the English version of the word you learned and I will want you to say the Turkish version of it. Be sure to go to a quiet place while doing speaking exercises and speak loudly and close to your microphone. You will instantly receive feedback for your answers. It’s great, isn’t it!

For intermediate-level learners, check the Listen & Write exercises. If you remember, all the vocabulary lessons have example sentences using the vocabulary you’ve just learned. Here, you’ll listen to a recording of the example sentences and write what you heard correctly. This is a great way to improve your Turkish listening comprehension. The feedback is also instantaneous too! Another unique exercise!

Another exercise for intermediate-level learners is the Speaking Translation exercises. Similar to the Speak the Words exercises, you will be asked to translate what you see into Turkish. But this time you will need to translate sentences instead of words. You will be doing both translations and speaking at the same time. This will be a challenging exercise!

I’ll be adding many more Vocabulary exercises for this section. I have plans to add crossword puzzles, word search, and some more interactive games. If you have suggestions, simply send me a message at the forums or email me!

Turkish Grammar Exercises

You may have noticed that we have lots of exercises for Premium users. Now let’s talk about the Exercises section in general. I’ll briefly explain what the whole deal is with the Exercises section:

This section is the newest addition to Turkishaholic’s arsenal of learning materials. We currently have Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading exercises. I especially wanted to focus on Speaking instead of Writing, because I believe that Speaking is the most important aspect for learning and mastering a language. You can already do writing exercises if you have some sort of a Turkish grammar book, but there are hardly any Speaking exercises for practicing Turkish.

Because this section is new, the amount of exercises for each grammar point is limited (for now), but I’m adding more and more content every week. If you have a preference, please let me know so that I’ll add content that you like to do. I value my students!

Currently, there are lots of fill-in-the-blanks and speaking translation exercises. The fill in the blanks exercises is suitable for beginner levels, while the Speaking Translation exercises were made specifically for intermediate-level learners.

I have plans to add reading and listening comprehension exercises to see the grammar point you’re learning in a text. I’m also planning to add full exams to test whether you’ve reached the Turkish proficiency you’re aiming for.

Turkish Learning Resources

I talked a little about the Resources section earlier. I told you about the Conversations, Articles, and Sentences you could use to learn Turkish in context. The amount of Conversations, Articles and Sentences is limited for Basic users, whereas Premium users get newer content every week.

But wait!, there’s more:

If you like learning Turkish with stories, we have the Stories section. This section is more suited for beginner and pre-intermediate level learners. I’m adding Turkish stories suitable for Turkish learners, these will either be about Turkish culture or different cultures translated into Turkish. If you have a certain preference, be sure to let me know so that I can add more content that you’ll like.

The Speaking and Writing section features content for helping you with improving your speaking and writing. For example, I will write a certain topic and also provide you with beginner to intermediate level examples about the topic. For the Speaking section you’ll hear the audio recording of me speaking about the topic, whereas the Writing section will be for writing essays in Turkish. I’m currently awaiting more topic recommendations, so if you have any suggestions, do let me know.

I’m adding new content to the section all the time, but if you would like to see a certain type of Turkish learning content, please send me a message and I’ll add them as soon as I can.

As you can see, what Basic users have access to is nothing compared to what you get with a Premium membership. You’re probably wondering how much it will cost you, don’t worry it’s way cheaper than any of the paid solutions other Turkish learning websites offer.

Turkishaholic Premium Membership

You’ve seen a glimpse of what learning Turkish at Turkishaholic is. I hope you liked what you heard. If you’re ready to learn Turkish with us, you have two choices for your membership:

With BASIC membership, you get access to some of our free content for learning Turkish. If you’re not sure whether Turkishaholic is what you’re looking for, just make a free account and try out the free content.

With BRONZE or UNLIMITED memberships, you get access to everything we offer at Turkishaholic. While with BRONZE membership, you get access to the premium content for 1 month, the best value for money is the UNLIMITED membership because your membership never expires.

All our premium memberships are one-time payments, which means we don’t have monthly or yearly subscriptions.

For BRONZE membership, once your membership expires you can choose to continue with the BASIC membership. With UNLIMITED membership nothing expires, you get access to all and future premium content for a lifetime.

The price for the BRONZE membership is 25 EUROS and for UNLIMITED membership it is 125 EUROS.

The prices are incredible for the amount of content, am I right? There is no other Turkish learning website on the internet that will give you so much content for such a price! If you don’t believe me, just do your research and you’ll agree with me.

As I mentioned earlier, these are one-time payments and there are no subscription plans or hidden fees.

When you become a premium member, please also remember that apart from getting incredible content for an incredible price, you’re also supporting the actual person who’s making these contents, which is teacher Gökberk – the founder of Turkishaholic. We’re not a multimillion-dollar company and all our earnings are used either for the payments of the website or our living expenses.

I’m grateful for everyone who has become a premium member and supported the future of Turkishaholic. We would like to see you reach your dreams in Turkish. Let us help you!

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