The Resources Section

The resources section of Turkishaholic is a material database for learning Turkish. The Resources section has four sub-sections which are Conversations, Articles, Sentences and Discourse. The Discourse section is still under construction and will mostly be a premium-only section. You don’t have to learn Turkish just with our grammar courses, there are other methods too. Let’s learn how else we can learn Turkish at Turkishaholic.


Once you’ve started making basic sentences, you should watch the Turkish Conversations lessons in the Resources section. These are audio recordings of Turkish dialogues. All lessons come in three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson has dialogues about a different context. For example, in the first lesson, I teach you how to Introduce Yourself in Turkish. Try listening, imitating, and later doing your version of the dialogue. This will be really good practice for you. There are currently 18 lessons but this number will increase very soon.

This section has many free lessons but the amount of premium lessons are slowly increasing too!


The Articles section features Turkish articles with English translations and audio transcriptions. You can listen to my reading of the article while following the article or simply do a listening practice. The article-related vocabulary lessons are connected to this section too. In addition to the articles, Premium members gain access to the Stories in this section too. There are 7 free articles and 23 premium articles. I also explain some of the grammar points used in each article at the bottom of each lesson page so you can simply watch the grammar lesson if you want to know how to make a similar sentence like the one you saw inside the sentence.


The Sentences section has a total of 14 lessons with each lesson featuring 50 example sentences. Basic users get access to the first four lessons. These are example sentences starting from basic phrases and grammar and going until intermediate level Turkish. This is a new section I’ve made and I believe it will be valuable content for you. Each lesson will only use a certain grammar and vocabulary so you will be able to learn these sentences really quickly.


This section is still under construction. I will do an announcement when its done.

This section keeps on changing and sometimes we add even more sub-sections so keep an eye on our announcements for new lessons and subsections. Be sure to upgrade your membership to a premium one to gain access to all of the content in this section.