Basic Learning Path

If you’re a BASIC member at our website, here is a learning path you can follow to reach at least pre-intermediate level fluency in Turkish. You don’t need to pay for anything in this plan but you will have to find external resources to do exercises and practice.

1 – Start your Turkish learning path by watching the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days course. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Turkish language. If you’re a complete beginner, I would advise that you only study until the lesson Adjectives in Sentences. The lessons that come after that are mixed and may prove difficult for you.

2 – Since the exercises section is only available to premium members, you will need to practice what you learned. A good way for you to do that is to use Practice Time section in the discussion forums. Simply write example sentences or upload audio recordings of yourself speaking your sentences. I’ll be sure to check your grammar and correct your mistakes. You should do this with all the lessons you’re studying.

3 – One of the fundamentals of learning a new language is increasing your vocabulary count. Check out the free Turkish vocabulary lessons (individual vocabulary lessons). Listen to the words and sentences. Try shadowing the words with me and creating new sentences with these words. The sentences in some of these lessons will be difficult at this stage, so you should mostly focus on the words themselves. You will need to do a lot of writing and speaking practice at the Practice Time section in the discussion forums.

4 – Once you’ve reached a certain level of understanding and creating sentences (for example you reached the Adjectives in Sentences lesson in the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days course), then you should check out the Resources section for additional Turkish learning material. The first section you should check out is the Conversations section. This section features dialogues about certain situations. There are there difficulty levels for each lesson so try to focus more on the first dialogue. The second and third dialogues may be difficult for you. Try doing shadowing (repeating the same dialogue with me) and creating your original dialogues at the Practice Time section in the discussion forums. Do as much practice as you can.

5 – The second section you should check out is the Sentences section. Basic members get access to the first four lessons of the Beginner Turkish Sentences series. Listen to the pronunciation of the phrases and repeat after me. Use the sentences and phrases that you’ve learned in these lessons inside your example sentences or dialogues. Use the Practice Time section at the forums as much as you can. That will be your main place to practice your Turkish. Ask me questions whenever you’re stuck understanding something.

6 – The Articles section will be difficult for you at beginner level. You should skip this section until you’ve finished the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days course. You should do a lot of reading and translation work after you’ve finished this video course.

This is one learning path that you can use as a Basic member of our website. If you have another learning path that you follow that’s different from this one, please share them with me so that I can post it here as an alternative learning path. For a more detailed and precise Turkish learning path, you should become a premium member at Turkishaholic.

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