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Turkishaholic Updates for Week 24

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It has been a busy few months for me and Turkishaholic. You may be thinking that there haven’t been many updates on Turkishaholic, but — you’re wrong.

Turkishaholic has been going over a radical change and I’m preparing to launch my first big video course for all you Turkish lovers.

In this blog post I will inform you about the latest updates happening behind the curtains for Turkishaholic.

Upcoming Video Course

I’m currently finishing up a new video course that will be only available for Turkishaholic Premium members. Unlike the “Speaking Turkish in 30 Days” video course that you may have watched on the Turkishaholic YouTube channel or on the Turkisaholic website, this course is a zero-beginner course.

Zero-Beginner courses are specifically made for complete beginners starting from zero and have no prior knowledge about that topic. So, this course will be ideal for anyone who knows nothing about Turkish. Every topic will be explained in more detail and there will be exercises to accompany each topic.

So, what kind of exercises does this video course have? Every kind! There will be reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises. Yes, even speaking exercises (you won’t be seeing any speaking practice on any other Turkish learning website, only at Turkishaholic).

Introduction to Turkish

Screenshot for the Upcoming Video Course

Turkishaholic Was Featured

People are slowly acknowledging Turkishaholic and its services. We have been mentioned on two websites;

  • FeedSpot

This website offers several services to marketers and business across the world. They provide a content reader, email digest, data curation, blogger outreach, and blog promotion. Feedspot featured our Turkishaholic YouTube channel as one of the “Top 10 Turkish Learning Youtube Channels to Follow in 2019”. We were featured number two on the site.

 Click this link to read more about this news.

  • Minerva Knowledge Base

MinervaKB is a WordPress plugin for making Knowledge Bases on your website. I’ve been using the MinervaKB since I’ve started the Turkishaholic website. At the time of writing, Turkishaholic is the only website using this plugin as a Learning Center. The “Learning Portal” is the MinervaKB in action. They did a case study about Turkishaholic’s usage of their plugin.

Click this link to read about the case study.

I would like to thank both FeedSpot and MinervaKB for writing about Turkishaholic.

Fethiye Dead Sea

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast – Fethiye “Dead Sea” – Photo From Max Pixel

Turquoise Visuals

If you’re visiting the Turkishaholic website from time to time, you might have noticed that the visual appearance of the site has changed a lot. There were some bugs and broken pages that got fixed and the layout of the site has also improved.

In order to make it easier for the eyes, our main theme color is now “Teal”. Another word for this color is “Turquoise”. Did you know that Turquoise is a color associated with Turkey? It’s a color that evokes the color of clean water. Some people say the color Turquoise originated from Turkey. That’s why I wanted to memorialize this color and use it as part of the Turkishaholic main theme color.

Please let me know what you think by writing on the forum post for this blog post. You can find the button at the bottom of this post.

Share Your Thoughts

I have started writing blog posts on the website and I need new topic ideas to write about.

Do you have any particular topics that you would like to read about?

I generally choose my topic ideas according to where my visitors are coming from.

Turkey is slowly rising in popularity for countries like India, Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, Morocco and many other Middle Eastern and North African countries.

If you have any ideas for new blog posts, please feel free to share them with me on this blog posts’ forum post.

Turkishaholic Stats

Turkishaholic 1-Year Visitor Location Statistics

Turkish Tea

“Turkish Tea” Photo by Hasan Albari from Pexels

Join The Community

I would my visitor to be an active part of the Turkishaholic website. I like talking about Turkey and Turkish and would like to help others in any way that I can. If you’re also interested in learning more about Turkey and Turkish, why don’t you join the Community Forums and start a discussion?

The Turkishaholic Community forums have been updated to give you a better experience both on your PC and your smartphone. Both Basic and Premium members can equally use the forums. Whatever questions you have, please feel free to ask them at the forums section.

Bring your cup of Turkish Tea with you. I’ll be waiting for you inside.

Want to seriously learn Turkish?

Do you want to seriously learn Turkish? Are you tired of searching for new website that teach Turkish? Then look no further!

With Turkishaholic’s Premium Membership you get access to many unique learning materials only available at Turkishaholic.

When you purchase a Premium membership, you account opens up to the Exercise Database, with more than 100 exercises to improve your Turkish. There are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening exercises. You won’t find any Speaking or Listening exercises anywhere else!

With the Literacy and Communicate sections, you also get access to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening specific materials to improve both your Written Turkish and Spoken Turkish.

This is just the tip of the surface. The best part is the full video courses teaching different parts of Turkish. It can be a full course on learning Turkish or a listening-specific course on improving your listening comprehension. 

So how much is Premium membership? 

  • You can try out Premium Membership for 10$ (one time payment) and use all the features of Turkishaholic for 30 days.
  • With Premium Plus at only 30$ (one time payment), you get 6 months of access to the all the features of Turkishaholic. You get 3 months free! (Normally 60$)
  • Finally the best deal, with Gold Membership for 60$ (one time payment) you get 1 year of access to everything! You get 6 months free! (Normally 120$) This is an insane deal and you will future proof yourself for newer content!

Ready to experience the full version of Turkishaholic? Click the red button.

Want to learn more about Turkishaholic Premium? Click the blue button.

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