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Welcome to the third lesson of the Beginner Turkish Sentences series. In this lesson, you will see fifty example Turkish sentences. I gave the links to the grammar and vocabulary lessons you need to study to make similar sentences as in the examples. If you haven’t watched the introduction video for this series, be sure to watch it first before you start any of these lessons. I explain how you need to study these sentences and learn from them. Hope you enjoy this lesson and be sure to use our Community Forums for speaking or writing practice. I’ll give you feedback on your sentences.

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Past To Be – B | P

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Study These Vocabulary

All Turkish vocabulary lessons are free. Below, you can see which vocabulary lessons you need to study to understand the sentences in this lesson.

Important Beginner Adjectives

Describing People and Things

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(Ben) yakışıklı bir öğrenciydim

I was a handsome student

Sen mutlu bir çocuktun

You were a happy child

O soğuk bir iş adamıydı

He was a cold businessman

Biz çalışkan memurlardık

We were hardworking civil servants

Siz endişeli bir öğretmendiniz

You were an anxious teacher

Onlar hırslı pazarlamacılardı

They were avid marketers

Ben tembel değildim

I was not lazy

Sen mimar değildin

You were not an architect

Ayşe mutlu bir kız değildi

Ayşe was not a happy girl

Biz sıradan insanlar değildik

We were not ordinary people

Siz sinsi bir adam değildiniz

You were not a sneaky man

Onlar kibirli mühendis değildiler

They were not arrogant engineers

Ben tembel bir öğrenci miydim?

Was I a lazy student?

Hayır, sen çalışkan bir öğrenciydin

No, you were a diligent student

Sen saf bir çocuk muydun?

Were you a naïve child?

Evet, ben saf bir çocuktum

Yes, I was a naïve child

Can hırslı mıydı?

Was Can ambitious?

Hayır, Can hırslı değildi

No, Can was not ambitious

Biz beceriksiz oyuncular mıydık?

Were we incompetent actors?

Evet, siz beceriksiz oyunculardınız

Yes, you were clumsy actors

Osmanlı agresif bir devlet miydi?

Were the Ottomans an aggressive state?

Hayır, Osmanlı anlayışlı bir devletti

No, the Ottomans were an understanding state

Ben alçak gönüllü değil miydim?

Wasn’t I humble?

Evet, sen alçak gönüllüydün

Yes, you were humble

Sen amirane bir patron değil miydin?

Weren’t you a bossy boss?

Hayır, ben iyi bir patrondum

No, I was a good boss

Mert zor bir insan değil miydi?

Wasn’t Mert a difficult person?

Evet, Mert zor bir insandı

Yes, Mert was a difficult person

Ailemiz cesur değil miydi?

Wasn’t our family brave?

Evet, ailemiz cesurdu

Yes, our family was brave

Arkadaşınız başarılı bir manken değil miydi

Wasn’t your friend a successful model?

Hayır, arkadaşım başarılı değildi

No, my friend was not successful

Japonlar dikkatli bir millet değil miydi?

Weren’t the Japanese a careful nation?

Evet, Japonlar dikkatli bir milletti

Yes, the Japanese were a careful nation

İyi günler Ahmet, nasılsın?

Good day Ahmet, how are you?

İyi günler Mert. İyilik sağlık

Good day Mert. Good as usual.

Hasta mısın?

Are you sick?

Hayır, hasta değilim

No, I’m not sick

Peki, hasta mıydın?

Well, were you sick?

Evet, hastaydım. Nezleydim

Yes, I was sick. I had a cold

Geçmiş olsun Ahmet

Get well soon Ahmet

Sağ ol Mert

Thanks, Mert

Sen nasılsın Mert?

How are you Mert?

Ben de nezleydim

I also had a cold

Şimdi nezle misin?

Do you have a cold now?

Hayır, nezle değilim. İyiyim

No, I do not have a cold. I’m fine.

Annen nasıl?

How is your mother?

Annem de iyi, teşekkürler!

My mom is fine too, thank you!

Çok iyi. Sonra görüşürüz!

That’s good. See you later!

Görüşürüz Mert!

See you Mert!

You’ve come to the end of this lesson!

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