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A Lot of New Stuff!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog section of Turkishaholic. I know it’s important and I’ve neglected it. I will try my best to at least do a weekly update of this section.

Despite not updating the blog, I’ve been pretty busy with the rest of the website, especially the Learning Portal.

Instead of the usual weekly mention of what I added, I’m going to talk about the things that I’ve added to the website since the last blog post on 13 June 2019. Let me first start with the big updates.

Introduction to Turkishaholic: A New Zero Beginner Video Course

In my last post I’ve mentioned that I was doing a big video course for zero-beginners of Turkish, well it’s already finished and added to the Video Course section of the website. It’s called “Introduction to Turkish”:

“Introduction to Turkish” as the name suggests, is a course that will introduce you to Turkish. It is a perfect video course specifically tailored for “Zero-Beginners”. What is “zero-beginner”? This term means that the person is completely new to this topic, they know little to nothing about a certain topic, here it would mean they are completely new to Turkish.

If you want to learn Turkish online via a video course and looking for a good solution, then you should not anymore because I’m pretty sure there isn’t a course as detailed as the “Introduction to Turkish” video course. This course focuses on the most important aspects of learning Turkish.

I try my best to explain to you the fundamentals of Beginner Turkish in an easy to understand way and I also support the grammar explanations with various exercises. The “Introduction to Turkish” video course has more than 100 exercises focusing on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Yes, you heard me correctly, I also help you with your Speaking and Listening! There aren’t many courses on the internet that try to help you with your Speaking or Listening. Most of them just try to teach you the grammar and the rest is up to you. But this course is different. You have to try it to understand the difference.

The “Introduction to Turkish” is a premium course offered only on the Turkishaholic premium section. You can try out our “Premium” membership for only 5 dollars. There are no recurring fees, you can try the full features of Turkishaholic for just 5 dollars and your membership will revert to Basic after the time is up. If you feel that you need more time, I suggest that you try out the “Premium Plus” membership which will give you 6-month access to the Premium section of the website. For only a one-time payment of 25 dollars, you can use the Premium section of the website for 6 months (1 month is free). If you want to learn more about all the features of Turkishaholic, just click on the button below. It will open a separate new page describe everything that I offer at the Turkishaholic website.

Cover Image for “Introduction to Turkish” Video Course

Preview of a Lecture in “Introduction to Turkish” Video Course

New Podcasts, Reading and Speaking Materials

There are many more updates to Turkishaholic, we’ve just started! I’ll first talk about the updates that are available for free to guests and Basic members.

As you know, the Learning Portal of Turkishaholic is a portal for learning everything about Turkish. It has grammar explanations, pdf sheet downloads, short lectures, different exercises for each grammar topic, and finally reading, writing, speaking and listening practice materials.

With a free Basic membership account, you can get access to half of Learning Portal which is the “Turkish Grammar”, “PDF Sheets” and “Short Lectures”. If you’re new to Turkishaholic, Basic membership is perfectly enough to start learning Turkish by yourself.

In the last two months, since the last blog post on 13 June 2019, I’ve added a lot of new materials to the Learning Portal.

Turkish Speaking Podcast – Episode 9 – Filling Out a Form

New Speaking Podcast Episodes

The last Turkish Speaking Podcast, “Episode 8 – Renting My Sweet Home” was uploaded to the website and the Turkishaholic Youtube Channel way back on 7 April. I was actually going to stop the uploading of the new Speaking Podcasts episodes to the Turkishaholic YouTube channel and make it something only available to Premium members but I’ve changed my mind (you’re in luck guys) and I will upload a new episode every week again to YouTube.

But please be aware that the episodes that I upload to the channel are episodes currently available at the Communicate section of the Turkishaholic Learning Portal. At the time of writing this blog post, the latest Turkish Speaking Podcast episode on “Learning Turkish with Gokberk” is “Episode 9” whereas the latest episode on the Learning Portal’s Communicate section is “Episode 13”. The “Learning Turkish with Gokberk” channel is 1 month behind the Turkishaholic. If for some reason, you can’t afford premium membership (which is ridiculously cheap, only 5 dollars), you can still wait for new videos to be uploaded to the YouTube channel.

New Turkish Listening Podcast

Something completely new to Turkishaholic is the Listening Podcasts. These podcasts are completely different than the Speaking Podcasts. I have 3 to 7 minute long Turkish articles about different topics ranging from Science, History, Life, Health and many more topics. I read these articles and give you the Turkish and the English translated version of the article as a downloadable PDF. Inside the PDF you will have a vocabulary box showing the translation of some of the new vocabulary in the article. Additionally, I have a box showing which Turkish grammar was used in a certain part of the article. You can search these grammar topics from the Learning Portal’s “Turkish Grammar” section. Finally, there are “Discussion Questions” added to the PDF in case you want to talk about the article in more in-depth with me at the Turkishaholic Community Forums or simply improve upon your Written or Spoken Turkish.

These new Listening Podcasts are old material that I’ve uploaded at the Literacy section of the Learning Portal. Just like the Speaking Podcasts, I will upload one new Listening Podcast episode to “Learning Turkish with Gokberk” every week. Currently, there are 6 new long articles like Listening Podcast at the “Literacy” section of the Turkishaholic website. Unlike the Speaking Podcasts which are made for all levels of Turkish speakers, these articles are tailored towards Intermediate and above level speakers of Turkish. I didn’t want to ignore my intermediate to advanced level students so I made some parts of the Turkishaholic Learning Portal suitable for them. You can still read and listen to the articles even if you’re a beginner, it would help you better comprehend Turkish sentence structure but it could be a bit challenging for you.

Turkish Listening Podcast – 3 – Watch More at Turkishaholic Channel

Turkish Vocabulary Series – Drinks and Edibles – Watch More at Turkishaholic Channel

New Vocabulary Video and PDF

The last update for the Learning Portal and the Turkishaholic YouTube channel is the New Turkish Vocabulary video and PDF download.

I’ve been neglecting vocabulary videos for a while and focusing on a lot of podcasts, but don’t worry, I’ll add more pdf downloads and video lectures about Turkish vocabulary.

The latest vocabulary video I’ve added to the “Learning Turkish with Gokberk” YouTube channel is about “Drinks and Edibles” in Turkish. These drinks and edibles video and pdf download are useful because you will find some of the most used vocabularies for foods and drinks in Turkish. You can watch the video for pronunciation practice and later download the PDF sheet and carry it with you whenever you need to purchase food or a drink in Turkish. There is a bonus example dialogue inside the PDF sheet that I didn’t include in the video, so be sure to download it.

I will try my best to add a new video to the Turkishaholic YouTube channel every week. Be sure to subscribe to “Learning Turkish with Gokberk” to know when new content is added.

The Community Forums Sweepstake!

The community forums section is up and running for the past few months. I would like you all to be a part of a bigger community of people who are interested in learning Turkish and talking about Turkey or Turkish culture. To help the community grow, I will have a simple sweepstake where I will give 1 month of PREMIUM membership for FREE to any active member of the community forums. The rules are really simple:

  • Be active at the Turkisahaholic Forums
  • Write a constructive post and start fun discussions
  • Help other members of the community
  • Use the forums to learn Turkish
  • Discuss topics about Turkey and Turkish culture
  • Don’t spam, make abusive posts and make meaningless posts or replies
  •  Follow the community forum rules and be a respective member.

After the end of each month, I will make a post showing the candidates who have been active and helpful at the forums. In total, I will give 10 members 1 month of free Premium Membership. The good thing is, if they keep it up, I will simply give another free 1-month Premium the next month and the next month. Forever!

So sign up to Turkishaholic, start your discussions and be a helpful and active member of the Turkishaholic Community Forums. Let’s make Turkishaholic the best Turkish learning platform on the internet!

Want to seriously learn Turkish?

Do you want to seriously learn Turkish? Are you tired of searching for new website that teach Turkish? Then look no further!

With Turkishaholic’s Premium Membership you get access to many unique learning materials only available at Turkishaholic.

When you purchase a Premium membership, you account opens up to the Exercise Database, with more than 100 exercises to improve your Turkish. There are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening exercises. You won’t find any Speaking or Listening exercises anywhere else!

With the Literacy and Communicate sections, you also get access to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening specific materials to improve both your Written Turkish and Spoken Turkish.

This is just the tip of the surface. The best part is the full video courses teaching different parts of Turkish. It can be a full course on learning Turkish or a listening-specific course on improving your listening comprehension. 

So how much is Premium membership? 

  • You can try out Premium Membership for 10$ (one time payment) and use all the features of Turkishaholic for 30 days.
  • With Premium Plus at only 30$ (one time payment), you get 6 months of access to the all the features of Turkishaholic. You get 3 months free! (Normally 60$)
  • Finally the best deal, with Gold Membership for 60$ (one time payment) you get 1 year of access to everything! You get 6 months free! (Normally 120$) This is an insane deal and you will future proof yourself for newer content!

Ready to experience the full version of Turkishaholic? Click the red button.

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