Private Lessons

If you need further assistance with learning Turkish, I do one-on-one online lessons.

I’m originally an English teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience, but I’ve been teaching Turkish to foreign speakers for more than 5 years.

A small disclaimer; The Premium Membership on the Turkishaholic website does not give you any kind of one-on-one lesson time. The membership and its benefits are only limited to the features of this website. Private lessons are paid and arranged on a different website not connected to the Turkishaholic website. Nothing on that site is owned or operated by me.

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It was a great lesson, he listened to me and defined my weak points and strong points. Then gave me the guidelines to improve my Turkish speaking skills.


Gökberk is an excellent teacher. He knows Turkish grammar in and out. Even though he’s a native speaker and has no need to know terms like ‘relative clauses’ or ‘personal endings’, he could explain them using examples you already know from English. I work through a textbook with him (found in the public domain) and he happily follows through. The best thing is how he asks follow questions spontaneously, such as ‘ok similarly, how would you say this in Turkish’ or ‘how would you translate this sentence’. It worked so well that usually in the last 10 min of the lessons, Gökberk would just give me sentences to translate, on a given grammar theme. E.g. we did relative clauses like ‘ziyaret edeceği yeri dün gördüm’ -> Yesterday I saw the place she/he will visit. We did about 7 of those. No hesitation in recommending him!

Brian M.

Thank You so much for the patience!! All lessons are great and I learn a lot everyday. Sabır için çok teşekkür ederiz!

Carolina B.

I had a great lesson with Gökberk today and look forward to the next meeting. Thank you! 今日貴方とトルコ語を練習するのは本当に楽しかったです。また近いうちにお目にかかりましょうね。

Moses M.
United States

It was nice talking to you. The first half of our lesson was general conversation while the second half Gökberk explained some grammar to me. Thanks Gökberk for the lesson. See you later

Private Lesson Student Testimonial

Gökberk is an excellent teacher! I know almost no Turkish when we started. He has systematically helped me understand the basics. Now we’re making sentences after just a few short lessons. Looking forward to our upcoming classes!

Kyle M.
United States

More curious things every lesson, just the right amount of them so it’s interesting but not confusing.

Roman G.

Thanks for the great class, this is exactly what I was looking for!!

Lindsay S.

It was great. Gökberk is very polite and clever man.

Wonderful Lessons Private Lesson Student Testimonial

I had wonderful lessons with Gokberk. He is a supportive teacher. I learned a lot from him. He gave me a lot of good advice on writing and speaking. Thanks so much, Gokberk

Phong K.

Thanks the lesson was good

Mohammed I.
Saudi Arabia