Read Me (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where should I start? (Basic Member)

First of all welcome to the Learning Portal! If you’re a newly registered Basic Member, I suggest that you check out this blog post

If you’re new to learning Turkish, you can watch the “Speaking Turkish in 30 Days” video course series from the Turkishaholic YouTube channel.

Basic members can only use the Turkish Grammar, PDF Sheets and Short Lectures sections. If you want to access everything, please upgrade to Premium Membership.

Where should I start? (Premium Member)

With Premium membership, you can access to every part of Turkishaholic. If you’re new to learning Turkish, I would advise that you first watch the “Introduction to Turkish” video course.

You can supplement your studies by doing the exercises at the Exercise section. You can watch new Speaking Podcasts at the Communicate section. There are also many different reading and writing materials at the Literacy section.

How can you help me?

Whether you’re a Basic Member or a Premium member, you can get help from me by asking your questions at the Forums section. 

Please ask your question according to the topic you want to ask. For example, if you have a grammar questions, use the “Turkish Grammar” board. For exercises, use the “Exercise” board, and so on.

If you have to directly contact me for something else, please use the Contact page.