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You Can Trust Me - I'm a Professional

Before you start reading this page, please rest assured that I’m a professional teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I’ve students from around the world. Besides working on Turkishaholic, I do one-on-one lessons with my students.

Why don’t you watch my introduction video to learn more about me. Later, read some of my student testimonials below.

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What is Turkishaholic?

Turkishaholic is a website for learning Turkish online. At Turkishaholic you have two choices of membership. You can try out Turkishaholic for free with Basic Membership and read Turkish Grammar explanations, download Printer-Friendly PDF Study Sheets, or watch Short Informative Video Lectures about Turkish and Turkey. It is completely possible to learn Turkish by just using Basic Membership.

If you’re more serious with learning Turkish, I would suggest you try out Premium Membership. With Premium Membership, in addition to the Basic features, you get access to the Exercise Database, Literacy Section (for Reading and Writing), and Communicate Section (for Listening and Speaking).

The most important part, only available to Premium Members, is the Video Courses section. I make full courses about Turkish, where I teach Beginner to Advanced level Turkish. I help you improve all parts of your Turkish, not just grammar.


The Learning Portal - Start Learning

The Learning Portal is the first place for you to learn and speak Turkish. Once you register either with a Basic or Premium membership, you can start using the Learning Portal. Let’s discover the contents of the The Learning Portal together.

I haven’t finished explaining all the features of Turkishaholic. The most important section of Turkishaholic is one step away, please read the next section too!

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Turkishaholic has swtiched to a one-time-payment method. You can try Premium for 1 month and with no subscription.


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  • Exercise Database
  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking & Listening
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Premium Plus

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  • Exercise Database
  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking & Listening
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Full Access for 1 Year!
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6 Months free!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Basic or Premium member, I help all of you with questions related to Turkish or Turkey. Just ask them at the Turkishaholic Forums. I’ll be waiting for you there!

No, Turkishaholic was not made by a corporation. There aren’t hundreds of people working for this website. There is only me, Gökberk! When you choose to be a Premium member and support Turkishaholic, you are directly supporting my efforts to make more and better materials for learning Turkish.

I’m a professional teacher and I love teaching, please help both Turkishaholic and me so that I can make you more great video courses and learning materials for Turkish.

The future of Turkishaholic depends on your support.

With Basic Membership, you have access to 50% of the Turkishaholic website. You can visit the Grammar Explanation section to review Turkish Grammar, download free PDF Study sheets or watch short video lectures (also available on the Turkishaholic YouTube Channel).

With Premium membership, you have access to many premium content. You can practice your Turkish Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening with various materials. Inside the Exercise Database, you can practice Turkish Grammar. There are tests, translations exercises, listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises.

Certainly! Our website has AlphaSSL 256bit protection. All purchases are encrypted and protected from outside intruders. None of your credit card information is stored at our website. Purchases are done through the 2CheckOut payment portal.

Turkishaholic has recently switched to try once method. There are no longer montly subscriptions. You can try for 1 month,  6 months or 12 months with a one time payment. 

If you’re not sure whether you’ll like the Premium section, just buy a 1 month package. After your package expires, please select Basic membership to continue using Turkishaholic.

If you have any more question, please send me an email at: contact (at) turkishaholic (dot) com . Your can also use the contact form inside once you sign in as either a Basic or Premium member. You can also ask me questions at the Community Forums (inside).