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How to use Turkishaholic?

Welcome to Turkishaholic, the only place on the internet where you can find any kind of learning material for Turkish. This site is made and moderated by me, Gokberk Talu,  an experienced Turkish teacher. I want to help you learn Turkish the fastest, easiest and most fun way possible. Please follow the below manual that I provided and start your Turkish learning journey.

Where should I start?

The best way to start learning is by watching the ‘Speaking Turkish in 30 Days’ video course I made. It is a course aimed at both beginner learners and novice learners to understand the fundamentals of the Turkish Grammar.

You can watch the course from here, or Visit the Turkishaholic Youtube Channel  and watch it there.

Be sure to download the PDF Textbook for the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days. You need to first register for a free account before you can access the download link.

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After "Speaking Turkish in 30 Days"?

Did you check out the FREE Turkish Speaking Podcasts? I make new podcasts every week. You can check it out here or Visit the Turkishaholic Youtube Channel  and watch it there. Don’t forget to download their PDF transcript and follow the podcasts along with their PDF files. The links can be found in the video descriptions.

You can watch and download the first eight podcasts for free. The rest of the podcast are available only for Premium members.

Got more questions? Discuss at the Forums

If you have questions about the this learning route, you can ask questions and discuss this topic’s forum post by clicking the button below.

Do you give private lesson?

If you need further assistance with learning Turkish, I do one-on-one online lessons. I’m originally an English teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience, but I’ve been teaching Turkish to foreign speakers for more than 5 years. I teach from complete beginners to advanced level students according to their needs. Click the link below to learn more about my tutoring services:

Want to seriously learn Turkish?

Do you want to seriously learn Turkish? Are you tired of searching for new website that teach Turkish? Then look no further!

With Turkishaholic’s Premium Membership you get access to many unique learning materials only available at Turkishaholic.

When you purchase a Premium membership, you account opens up to the Exercise Database, with more than 100 exercises to improve your Turkish. There are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening exercises. You won’t find any Speaking or Listening exercises anywhere else!

With the Literacy and Communicate sections, you also get access to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening specific materials to improve both your Written Turkish and Spoken Turkish.

This is just the tip of the surface. The best part is the full video courses teaching different parts of Turkish. It can be a full course on learning Turkish or a listening-specific course on improving your listening comprehension. 

So how much is Premium membership? 

  • You can try out Premium Membership for 10$ (one time payment) and use all the features of Turkishaholic for 30 days.
  • With Premium Plus at only 30$ (one time payment), you get 6 months of access to the all the features of Turkishaholic. You get 3 months free! (Normally 60$)
  • Finally the best deal, with Gold Membership for 60$ (one time payment) you get 1 year of access to everything! You get 6 months free! (Normally 120$) This is an insane deal and you will future proof yourself for newer content!

Ready to experience the full version of Turkishaholic? Click the red button.

Want to learn more about Turkishaholic Premium? Click the blue button.

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