Turkish Alphabet

What is the Turkish Alphabet?

The Turkish Alphabet uses a modified version of the Latin Alphabet. There are 29 letters in the Turkish Alphabet. Each individual letter spelling in the Turkish alphabet, is almost always spelled the same way when inside a word. Certain exceptions are extremely rare and only seen in some examples of spoken Turkish.

How do you pronounce the Turkish letters?

Listen to the audio recording of each letter while looking at the below table. Try to imitate the pronunciation yourself. Another good way to check whether your pronunciation of a letter is correct or not is by using Google Translate. Simply copy and paste the word, select “Turkish” from the language detection and later click on the listen icon. While this may not be a good method for checking the pronunciation of long sentences, it is more than enough for single words.


Turkish Alphabet Chart

Aau in uncleMmm in mess
Bbb in bedNnn in net
Ccj in jetOoo in oat
Ççch in chanceÖöi in bird (British)
Ddd in dayPpp in pet
Eee in endRrr in red
Fff in fatSss in said
Ggg in getŞşsh in share
ĞğNot voicedTtt in take
Hhh in hayUuoo in wood
Iıe in openÜüu in cute
İii in finishVvwe in wet
Jjsu in measureYyy in yet
Kkk kingZzz in zip
Lll in lemon   


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