“İle”, “Ama” and “Ancak

The Conjunction “ile”, “ama” and “ancak”

The conjunction “ile” has separate usages. As a postposition, it means “with” or “by” in English. It can be used as a suffix as “-le/-la” after a consonant or “-yle/-yla” after a vowel. As a conjunction, “ile” means “and” in English:


The Conjunction “ile”

First, let’s see sentences examples for its postposition usage:

  • Michael uçakla Amerika’ya döndü.

(Michael returned to America by plane)


  • Lütfen bu formu kurşun kalemle

(Please fill this form with a lead pencil.)


  • Yanlışlıkla sizi aradım.

(I called you by mistake)


Now let’s see it used as a conjunction:

  • Aslı ile Kerem geçen hafta sonu evlendi.

(Aslı and Kerem got married last weekend.)


  • Bugün Sinan ile Ahmet’i okulda gördün mü?

(Did you Sinan and Ahmet at school today?)


  • Ayşe’le Veli bu akşam bizim eve geliyor.

(Ayşe and Veli are coming to our house tonight)


The Conjunction “ama”

The conjunction “ama” means “but” in English. The conjunctions “fakat” and “lakin” has especially become famous thanks to some Ottoman periods soap operas on Turkish televisions that seem to overuse it for some reason. But I still prefer “ama” to the rest.

  • Recep’in parası var ama/fakat/lakin sevgilisi yok.

(Recep has money but no girlfriend.)


  • Bugün hava yağmurlu ama/fakat/lakin çok sıcak.

(Today is rainy but really hot.)


  • Üzgünüm ama/fakat/lakin doğum günü partine bu akşam gelemeyeceğim.

(I’m sorry but I can’t come to your birthday party tonight.)


The Conjunction “ancak” and “yalnız”

The conjunctions “ancak” and “yalnız” can be used as a conjunction like “ama:

  • Yemek güzel gözükmüyor ancak/yalnız

(The food doesn’t look good but it’s tasty).


  • Seni telefonla beş kere aradım ancak/yalnız cevap vermedin.

(I called you five time by phone but you didn’t respond)


It can also be used as an adverb meaning “only” in English:

  • Bugün ancak/yalnız bir saat ders çalıştım.

(Today I only studied an hour.)


  • Bu kapıyı ancak/yalnız Ahmet bey açabilir.

(Only Mr. Ahmet can open this door)

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